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GE17 – Those Scottish Results, eh?

GE17 – Those Scottish Results, eh?

Like all political nerds, I’ve got a huge number of different threads swirling round my brain at the moment. The second shock general election result in as many years has thrown us all, and we’re once again utterly perplexed by our own country. So I’m sticking some of the things I’m thinking about on here, to clear them from my own brain as much as share them with others. Since I’ve got quite a lot of these thoughts, I’ve got some Scottish ones and British ones. Let’s do Scotland now, Britain later.

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Lib Dems – A Major Mystery

Lib Dems – A Major Mystery

We interrupt our haphazardly scheduled posts on Hypothetical Council Elections for some ponderings on the Liberal Democrats. Exciting, eh?

It’s perhaps not surprising to see a Green taking the time to dismantle the Lib Dems, seeing as we’re currently locked in mortal combat for the position of Scotland’s fourth party. We’ve overtaken them in Holyrood and in European elections (not that we’re going to have any more of the latter, unless we’re lucky) whilst they remain ahead in the UK Parliament and Councils. Yet the Lib Dems have something the Greens do not – a perception in the media and public that they are a “major” party, whilst the Greens are a “minor” party.

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Boundary Changes Highlight the Failures of FPTP

Today’s big political topic in Scotland is the first draft of the Boundary Commission for Scotland’s proposed Westminster constituencies, which you can find here. I’d been awaiting these keenly after the proposals for England, Wales and Northern Ireland were released – partly because I’m just that kind of person, and partly because the boundary change process and the …

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2015 Seat Watch

What kind of elections nerd would I be if I didn’t have a list of “seats to watch” in this election prepared? I’ve distilled a 650 seat election down to the 29 I reckon will be most interesting – of course, that’s just in my opinion. There will be plenty of interesting results outside of …

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