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Manifestos and Mailboxes

Manifestos and Mailboxes

From bins to bikes, pollution to potholes, and schools to social care, the people in Victoria Park care deeply about their local services. Parties that have taken the decision to focus on the constitution are doing voters a great disservice. Local politics is the most basic, most accessible and most approachable level of politics for most people. We should be taking it seriously, not turning it into another chapter in the national drama. A vote for me in Victoria Park, and for Greens across Glasgow and Scotland, will elect someone to champion local communities and put power in your hands.

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Missing? No, just a Minister

The Evening Times had a little bit of a faux-pas today, tweeting a link to an article about “hilarious” posters in Nicola Sturgeon’s Glasgow Southside constituency. The not actually funny at all posters are mock “Missing” posters, accusing the First Minister of being AWOL from her constituency. The very existence of these posters, the reaction to …

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STV for Vendetta: Redux

As a huge fan of electoral systems, one of my biggest gripes in Scottish politics is the wide support that exists for the Single Transferable Vote. Especially following an odd and at times acrimonious Scottish Parliament election, there’s this unquestioned assumption that STV is some kind of solution. Indeed it’s often viewed not merely as …

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How Westminster Boundary Changes May Affect Victoria Park

How Westminster Boundary Changes May Affect Victoria Park

The Boundary Commission for Scotland have released their initial proposals for re-drawn Westminster constituencies in Scotland today. Seeking to reduce the number of MPs in Scotland by 6, the UK Government applied strict rules to the process. As such there are significant changes to Glasgow, which goes from 7 constituencies to 6. Constituency boundary reviews …

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Boundary Changes Highlight the Failures of FPTP

Today’s big political topic in Scotland is the first draft of the Boundary Commission for Scotland’s proposed Westminster constituencies, which you can find here. I’d been awaiting these keenly after the proposals for England, Wales and Northern Ireland were released – partly because I’m just that kind of person, and partly because the boundary change process and the …

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